Mental Health Weekly Workshop

About Our Workshops


Our Mental Health Weekly Workshop is a dedicated space for men to come together and discuss various topics related to mental well-being. Each session is led by a trained and experienced facilitator who ensures that the discussions are productive, respectful, and non-judgmental. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where participants can share their experiences, learn from others, and gain insights into improving their mental health.


  1. Experienced Facilitator: Each workshop is led by an individual with extensive experience in mental health discussions and group facilitation.
  2. Diverse Topics: Every week, we delve into a different topic related to mental health, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of well-being.
  3. Supper Provided: We understand the importance of a nourishing meal. Every participant is provided with supper during the workshop.
  4. Transportation: To ensure that everyone can attend without any hindrances, we offer transportation services to and from the workshop venue.
  5. Safe Environment: Our primary goal is to ensure that every participant feels safe and respected. We maintain a strict code of conduct to ensure that the environment is non-judgmental.


  1. Feedback Mechanism: After each session, participants are encouraged to provide feedback. This helps us improve and tailor the workshops to the needs of the participants.
  2. Resource Materials: At the end of each session, participants are provided with resource materials related to the topic discussed. This can include articles, hand-outs, brochures, book recommendations, and other relevant resources.
  3. Guest Speakers: Occasionally, we invite guest speakers who are experts in specific fields to provide deeper insights into certain topics.
  4. Community Building: Apart from the discussions, we also have activities that help build a sense of community among the participants. This includes team-building exercises, group activities, and more.


To keep the participants engaged and motivated, we introduce weekly challenges. These challenges are designed to encourage self-reflection, promote positive habits, and foster a sense of accomplishment. Participants who successfully complete these challenges are rewarded with a small token of appreciation. This not only adds an element of fun to the workshops but also provides an additional incentive for the men to actively participate and apply what they’ve learned.

Meeting Locations

La Ronge, SK

Date: Mondays
Time: 5:30PM
Location: Men of the North’s office – 912 La Ronge Ave

The meetings are open to men from all walks of life, regardless of their economic or social background.

Cigar Lake, SK


Our Cigar Lake meetings are currently suspended.

Want to bring our program to your community?