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Stronger Together

Weekly workshops

Are you looking to connect with other men working to become better versions of themselves? Join us for one of our weekly Preventative Maintenance Workshops.


About Men of The North

MOTN is a program where all members collaborate on a vision that is noble and worthy. Helping men to become self-aware, self-compassion, and become self-forgiving to further obtain their self-respect. So that they will become better communicators in helping to get their lives together and shouldering the responsibilities of the world, In a manner that is good for them, their families, and their communities.

Our mission: is to provide opportunities that help and encourage men to seek lasting positive mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We wish to foster an environment that promotes health, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Vision: Realizing the full potential of men working together to leave a lasting positive legacy, healthier families and stronger communities.

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How we help

Men of the North is always looking for ways to help out the men and families in the communities of Northern Saskatchewan. Whether it's through our weekly workshops or giving back to the community through volunteering or hosting family events.

Members Helped

300+ Members

Hours Donated

1000+ Hours

Communities Supported

7 Communities

Preventative Maintenance Workshops

Speaking Your Truth

Our preventative maintenance workshops provide men with a safe and non-judgmental environment for them to speak their truth. By providing men with a place to share their stories, they can work to find their purpose.

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