About Men of the North

The Men of the North Support Group is an outreach initiative that welcomes all men, regardless of religious or ethnic background and socioeconomic status. Our mission is to provide opportunities that help and encourage men to seek lasting positive mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

We wish to foster an environment that promotes health, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Men in northern Saskatchewan need help. Creating change for men in a positive way is something we would like to achieve.

The outreach services specifically for men in northern Saskatchewan are lacking, and now it is recognized. We want to play a role in ensuring that positive change occurs. Our target group is all men of any ethnic background.

In Northern Saskatchewan, the male population is predominantly Indigenous but why exclude and target only Indigenous men when our communities today are becoming diverse. Nevertheless, the support for everyone is paramount for the well being of our communities. Proper recognition of the issues in our communities are vital.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of men working together to leave a lasting positive legacy, healthier families and stronger communities.

What Is the Point of Being in A Men’s Group?

Every man comes into a men’s group with a different primary intention.
Some men come looking for support because they are going through a rough patch in their lives and want to feel and be supported by others. Some men come to a men’s group because they have an unhealed father or mother wounds (say, from an absent father or mother in their childhood) and they want to heal this wound by engaging with other healthy men in real time. Other men come in to a men’s group because they are tired of being the lone wolf in their lives and want to engage with the community and/or friendship in a deeper way.

While every man comes in with a varying set of intentions, the healing benefits of being in a regular men’s group are quite powerful and effective. It is a little hard to explain; the best way to feel the benefits of a men’s group is by attending one of the meetings.

Many men experience healing in their own way, whether it be in the relationship to their fathers or mothers, in a relationship they are in now or once had, and/or in their relationship to themselves. It’s also common for men to become inspired about their lives, taking on greater aspirations or finally making an overdue decision (ex. leaving an abusive relationship or changing career paths).

What are some of the guidelines to a men’s group?
Here are a few of our guidelines to the group, which have been put together by all men who have attended the meetings in order for us all to have an effective men’s group.

  1. Respect.
  2. Confidentiality.
  3. Never bring in business, politics or religion.
  4. Time management.
  5. All members do an equal amount of work.

These are half of the guidelines and are subject to change depending on what the groups thoughts and ideas might be.

What are some of the topics in a men’s group?

A different topic will be discussed each meeting amongst men of that meeting. Topics such as: aging, conflicts, depression, finances, love, regret, shame and work. These are just some of the topics that can and will be discussed throughout the men’s group.

At each meeting we will all pick a new topic to bring to the table, so whether the topic at hand is something you have been through before or haven’t experienced it at all but can offer some ideas or suggestions for some going through a rough time, your input is welcome. Also, it is the one who is sitting in the hot seat who is responsible to keep the men focused on the topic.

What is the Hot seat?

A hot seat is when one man sits in the hot seat, and everyone else faces him, theatre-seating style. If there’s a specific area of his life he is looking to be grilled on, then you grill him. There’s an implicit agreement in a hot seat that the attending members of the group who are giving you feedback will bring even more fire and challenging energy than normal. If the hot seat participant isn’t looking for feedback on any one particular issue, then the group may bring him fire about what they know about him in general through having been in the group with him for awhile. For this reason, hot seat sessions are generally best carried out once men have already been in a men’s group together for at least 3-6 months. It is up to that individual whether or not he feels comfortable sitting in the hot seat. We do not force anyone to sit there, we will however encourage each man, that is willing to commit in attending the next meeting, to take the opportunity to have a seat in the hot seat.

What is the overall goal?

In general men have been told by society they are not men when they talk about their issues. As well, they do not have the support that they need. I started this group so men can feel supported and able to be healthy role models for their families and community. This will help men in our community by getting an opportunity to speak and be heard. An opportunity to connect, to share experiences with each other, and to learn from each other’s experience in life.

It is an on going goal for the men’s group, to be a space and a place to provide support for men to be healthy and the best they can be for their families and community.

My name is Christopher Merasty founder of men of the north. I am asking for help with extra resources we can utilize, support with funding, grants, partnerships programs, or even donations in order to keep this men’s support group permanent and become something that can be brought to all communities across northern Saskatchewan for every man, woman, and child in northern Saskatchewan. Because we as men deserve to be proud and healthy, standing by our proud families in our proud community. As we are the -Men of the North-.