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Man with hope

Weekly Preventative Maintenance

Workshop (La Ronge)


Elks Hall - 326 Husky Ave, Air Ronge SK

Meeting Date:

Every Monday


Doors Open: 5:00PM
Meeting Start: 6:00PM

Meals Provided for Participants

Youth encouraged to help setup meetings for adults

Preventative Maintenance Workshops

The preventative maintenance workshops organized by Men of the North is one of the main outlets for men from all walks of life to come together and support their fellow man. These weekly meetings provide men with a safe and supportive environment to share their stories, experiences, and struggles with other men. Many men come out of these workshops feeling relieved to know that they can share their stories without judgment or criticism.

Throughout the years, these weekly workshops have evolved to provide men with the most value. New members are encouraged to sit in and listen to the other members, and learn about how stories are told through "I" statements. Working together, we all learn from each other but do not carry the burden of other's struggles.

Meetings begin with a grounding exercise that involves breathwork or taking a moment of silence to reflect on events that may have happened in the community or surrounding area.

Participants are fed supper and snacks to allow men to share their stories with a full stomach and comfort.

Meetings run for one and half, to two hours but there is no commitment to stick around for the whole meeting if you have other commitments to attend to. It is recommended that all participants stay for the whole meeting as a sign of respect for the other men participating in the workshop.

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